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13 Ways To Test The Waters With A Guy

A couple eating in the kitchen together. Cooking together is a good way to test the waters with a guy.
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Men don’t always have to make the first move. Because women should feel empowered to show their affection too! And you can test the waters with a guy without being too vulnerable.

Maybe he’s a close friend…maybe you just met him.

If you’re crushing on a guy and want to let him know that you’re interested, there are plenty of ways to show him without having to spell it out. Some of these are corny, some are fun. But they all work!

You can test for a romantic spark, keep your cards hidden, and still be friends!

Here are 13 ways to test the waters with a guy!

1. Lock arms

Hook your arms as you’re walking together! Unlike holding hands, this is more friendly, but still has the right amount of intimacy to spark a connection. I promise he’ll love this!

2. Playful teasing

It’s fun to tease guys. Jokingly tell him that you’ve friend-zoned him! It’ll get him thinking, and desiring you. Men want what they can’t have.

3. Eye contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and making sincere eye contact during convo is sexy. Put the phone away and lock eyes with him.

4. Actively listen

Don’t just day dream while he’s talking. Ask questions and respond thoughtfully!

5. Remember the details

I mean don’t snoop around for his credit card number, but you should remember some details of his life. You know like his favorite coffee, or a personal story. He’ll often forget that he even shared such details with you, which makes it more meaningful when you show that you remember them.

6. Take a dance class together!

I’m telling you, nothing is more intimate in the pre-relationship phase than the two of you becoming dance partners. It’s a fun way to test for any connection, and you can still do it as friends!

7. Cook a meal together!

It’s fun, tasty, and still friendly. This shared experience will create intimacy. Just ask him to help you with that recipe you’ve been blowing off!

8. Speak through music

No, I’m not telling you to write a song for him (though that’d be cute if done right!). Steer the conversation towards intimate song titles, and talk about them. It’s an easy gateway to romantic conversation.

9. Make inside jokes

Make some jokes or references only you & him would understand. It makes you both feel more exclusive to each other, without the relationship part (which hopefully comes later).

10. Whisper

Whispering can be incredibly intimate, and sexy. You could whisper anything! But try to say something playful or flirty.

11. Texting

There’s the heart emoji, and then there’s this heart emoji:💘

12. Soft touches

A soft graze of his hand, a brush on his arm, or playing with his fingers during a conversation are playful ways to express your interest without professing your love.

13. Compliment him

Everyone loves a compliment. Compliment his outfit, his fragrance, or his personality. It boosts both of your confidence and shows that you notice the sexy parts of his character.

Feria’s Last Call

Don’t ignore your feelings! If you feel something for him, you can show it in friendly ways without being too vulnerable. You don’t want to show all of your cards in the beginning. Use these tips to show your interest, and to test his interest level. And if he seems into it, slowly continue towards a romance.■

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