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5 Romantic Dates Guys Should Be Taking Girls On

A couple dancing together. There are some romantic dates that men should use more.
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The most romantic dates are often cliché, because they work! Everyone wants some cliché romance in their life, even if they don’t want to admit it. I mean why are Hallmark movies still in business?!

Here are 5 romantic dates that guys should really be taking their ladies on

1. Cook for her

Most of your dates will be spent eating out, so it’s nice to cook for her from time to time. You don’t need to be Gordan Ramsey, but any guy can become a chef over night with so many DIY recipes available online. It’s just so much sweeter when the meal is crafted by your own hands.

Bonus: Take the ingredients over to her place and prep the meal there. Carry them in a brown paper bag if you can. Aside from being environmentally friendly, its just a soft touch of traditional romance. She’ll love the site of you holding the bag in your arm and smiling at her, as she opens the door.

2. Take a dance class with her

I’ll never say this enough. Nothing is more sexy than a dance partner couple. I’m not saying you need to enter competitions and all that, but just doing it as a hobby brings your relationship to a deeper connection. It may even bring some spice into your sex life. It’s a fun date idea you should really take your girl on.

3. Take her on a picnic

Yes, like an actual picnic. Really go all out and get the classic picnic basket. You could take her to the park, the beach, or maybe a small creek. Just some place quiet and romantic. Find a place in your area. Couples don’t do this enough, and they’re missing out because f*ck is it romantic. So be the one man in her life who actually takes her on a picnic!

4. Take her for drive-through

You should be with a woman who’s okay with this. Because if she’s not, then that’s a red flag. Drive-through dates are more charming than you think. Maybe you shouldn’t do this for the first date, but parking somewhere quiet at night while you enjoy burgers & fries together makes for a classic romance.

5. Take her star-gazing

Maybe brush up on your constellations when preparing for this one. I don’t need to explain how sexy it is to make out under the stars. Just find a spot and take her already!

Feria’s Last Call

When you show your girl that you’re willing to be a little cliché, it’ll give you a distinguishing charm. Don’t just be a guy in her life, be a gentleman, the one who shows her what a romance should look like.■

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