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Welcome to Feria Magazine. We’re so glad you’re here!

My brother & I started this magazine to share our experiences, dating advice, & fashion tips with the world.

Founded in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2023, Feria is a lifestyle magazine that strives to deliver meaningful reads to young adults, that inspire reflection and exploration. 

It has been speculated by economists and sociologists that we’re the unluckiest generation in history. On top of bad financial timing and overstimulation, we still have to undergo the trials of relationships, personal health, and finding our life’s tasks.

Yes, while it will be challenging, these will also be the most amazing years of our lives. Feria wants to remind readers that whatever your situation, you have everything within your grasp to live a Feria Forward life—defined by character, confidence, a dash of charisma, and a brand name fragrance.

Feria celebrates expression, pop-culture, and romance.

We hope you’ll find something here that brings some growth into your life, that sparks your adventurous spirit. Because as far as Feria is concerned, we are the luckiest generation in history. This is our time.

Discover Feria, and discover yourself.

John O’Brien, Founder & CEO

Kyle O’Brien, Co-Founder & Chief Content Consultant