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Are Most Friendships Temporary?

A group of friends taking a selfie, on the subject of whether most friendships are temporary.
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Friendships are dynamic, each with their own set of values. We cycle through many, and very few are everlasting.

How many people will we meet in our lifetime?

How much time will we spend with each one?

How many of these people will we call our friends?

How many of these friends will we keep in touch with?

The Cycle Of Friendships

It’s hard for many of us to stay in one place our entire lives. We grow up, go off to different universities, new jobs, find new homes. Once we arrive to those destinations, we spend a few years there. We make a new group of friends. Eventually, our time there reaches expiration, and its time for the next journey. That higher education, that bigger job, that new family.

Do you stay friends with the ones from your previous university?

Your previous job?

Previous city?

Previous life?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

Growing Apart

At one point, it was routine to spend time with a friend. They were a text or a phone call away. They were a short drive away. You made weekly or daily plans together. But since you both started new lives, you don’t communicate as you once did. You’re in different parts of the country. Different parts of the world.

You both slowly drift away from each other. Until eventually, you’ve lost touch completely. Sometimes, there was never any kind of goodbye, or grand send off. The friendship that once was, just faded. They become an acquaintance you once knew, and eventually, an afterthought. Not due to an argument, or dispute. It was just due to growing apart.

After you’ve both moved on with your lives, that routine you once had with this friend will likely never come again.

Cherish Your Everlasting Friendships

We will go through this cycle of friendship with countless people in our lives. Very few will keep in touch for the long run. Maybe you get together once a month, a year, or just whenever you can; that is if you’re lucky enough to find a friend who is that committed to staying in touch. And if you do, I hope you’ll cherish the value in that lifetime friendship.

Feria’s Last Call

This life has its complexities, unknown variables, unforeseen circumstances, and journeys ahead. You will grow apart from many friends. And sometimes, it’s even necessary to grow apart from certain friends.

But that doesn’t have to be a sad thought. If you just take a moment, to look back, reflect on the time you shared with that friend. Whatever it was you did together, big or small. You can really come to treasure that part of your life. Because you’ve grown into an entirely different person since. And your friends from each journey were a contributing factor to that beautiful growth.■ 

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