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Erica Muller Is Here For It

Erica Muller, Here For It.

Creative entrepreneurship is a daring path. And starting a podcast, sharing your voice with the world, well… that’s one deep form of personal storytelling. Because it’s your voice. It’s you, telling your story. The bold move brings you to a level of vulnerability that most shy away from. Vulnerability in sharing your thoughts, emotions, & life experiences. And yet, Erica Muller is Here For It.

Meet Miss Muller

An actress, entrepreneur, & fashion enthusiast, Erica launched her podcast in October 2020 from Los Angeles. Initially launched as Irrepressible, she rebranded the podcast with its current title, Here For It in 2023 when she signed with 58 Ember Media.

Over the past three years, Erica has given listeners a space where they can be curious in their personal development. But I can tell you as a listener myself, this is not some “power of positivity” podcast. Here For It covers topics that many of us would rather not discuss, even though we experience them in our everyday lives. Setting boundaries, learning to say “no”, & dealing with envy are hurdles in life that should be given more attention. And Erica challenges listeners to rethink how they handle such difficulties.

I promise you though, she’s full of laughter and lots of fun! Whether its fashion, finance, or food, Erica brings out the flavors of life in her discussions with the guests she’s had over the show’s run. Doctors, politicians, CEOs, chefs, & hairstylists. These are just some of the guests that have been featured on the podcast. Erica serves as a voice for her listeners as she hears the stories from her guests, and elaborates on how these stories could be applied to our own lives.

My favorite episodes however, are Erica’s solo episodes. It’s when she’s most vulnerable in her storytelling. And when I’m listening to her stories, her insights, I feel like I’m on a road with her. Like we’re all on this journey together. It takes courage for one to be so transparent to an audience. She’s not playing a character, or wearing a mask. It’s just her. And listening to such a genuine spirit share her story, gives me confidence in my own pursuits.

It’s A Group Thing

Erica’s podcast has connected people from all over the world in creative and intimate ways. While each one of us has our own unique journey, hearing the stories of other people helps us to draw associations that we can connect to our own life. Many of us are trying to find our purpose. We desire to find our life’s tasks, and what makes us tick. Yeah, self-discovery is kind of an endless thing.

If you’re a creative, know that there’s going to be a whole lot of self-doubt. There’s going to be embarrassment. People are going to make fun of you. You’ll probably feel like quitting a few times. These are just things that come with being a creative, of any kind.

But, like Miss Muller, I’m here for it. And you should be too, because you’re definitely not alone. And everybody is a creative in their own right. So let’s have some fun along the way!

Feria’s Last Call

The production of Here For It has since moved to Chicago where Erica currently lives. Her fourth season is out November 7th and is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. With Fall being my favorite time of year, I’m telling you, I’m here for it!■

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