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The Future of Feria

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First off, thanks to Erica Muller for being Feria Magazine’s cover girl. She’s an artist, entrepreneur, and friend. Please check out her podcast and give her a follow on Instagram.

Now, for the Future of Feria. I took a hiatus the past few months on this blog as I was finishing a documentary film review. I’ve since released that documentary, and taken some time to consider the direction of this blog.

I love sharing my life experiences and giving perspective to the readers. Feria Magazine will continue to do that, enrich the lives of our readers with lessons, ideas, and inspirations.

I see this as so much more than a blog. Feria is going to be not just a blog, but a brand.

While we have fashion partnerships with Böhme, Scotch & Soda, The Luxury Closet, and MYKA Jewelry, we do plan to enter the fashion scene with original products. And we’ll be sharing every moment of this journey.

Here at Feria, we love art. We love creativity.

We love personal growth, to better ourselves, and everyone we touch in our lives.

We love the breathtaking moments in life as much as we love the simple ones.

And we absolutely love a brand name fragrance.

Feria is here to stay, and we’re so glad you’re with us.■

“I think that the older you get, the more you become your true, essential self. You find the things that make you happy. You whittle away the parts of yourself that mean less to you.”

-Tom Ford
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