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Give It Up For Love

Georgia, Euphoric album cover.
Georgia, Euphoric/Domino Recording Company

I heard this song at the mall last summer, Give It Up For Love by Georgia, from her 2023 album Euphoric. I shazamed this song, played the album on Spotify, and ended up falling in love with it. This was quickly added to my summer music collection.

I hadn’t listened to this album since last summer, and just picked it back up again. And you know what? I needed it.

I also needed to write an article for Feria Magazine again, because I haven’t done so in months. And I wanted to start with this.


I mostly keep this to myself, but I don’t do drugs of any kind, nor do I even drink alcohol. So, how exactly do I get my euphoric “fix” in life? Sometimes, I get it from my relationships, from moments, from memories, career success.

Sounds healthy enough, right?

While cherishing your relationships is important, it can become problematic when you find yourself chasing emotional highs in those relationships.

This puts pressure on yourself, your relations with others, and sets unrealistic expectations. It can become draining for everyone.

Chasing highs in any facet of life can become a real problem when not put in check.

Yes, have fun, but don’t get so addicted to emotional highs that you feel as if you can’t function without them.

Because you know what’s more important than emotional highs? Peace.

I’ve written about this in my article on getting off emotional roller coasters. Sometimes I’ll find myself chasing highs, which is an unrealistic way of living.

I’ve learned that a more realistic way of living is to find emotional pleasures in my work. Of course, you’ll have to love the work that you’re doing.

And wow, I love writing for Feria Magazine. I missed it.

The Highs Just Come

Here’s what else I’m learning. The highs just come. You can’t kill yourself chasing them. Enjoy them as they come, and then bring yourself back down to peace.

I don’t need to live in a euphoric state.

I don’t need to live in a depressive state.

If I experience a euphoric moment in life, I’ll cherish it, and then return myself to that center of peace. I won’t kill myself chasing more of that euphoria.

(And you know what’s most ironic? Most times, I don’t even realize that a moment was euphoric until it’s in the past.)

Remind Yourself, Everyday

I am learning, and reminding myself, to live in the center. To find happiness in that center of peace. To be at peace with myself.

This is the prerequisite, the foundation for healthy relationships, finding a love within yourself. 

Just when I thought I should give up,

That’s the moment I found love.

-Georgia, Give It Up For Love

This is my first time writing for Feria Magazine in quite a while. This is also my first time listening to this song in a while.

I’m doing both at the same time, listening to this song as I write this article. And damn does it feel peaceful.

I’m all alone in my LA apartment on a Saturday night, and I am at peace with myself.

And that’s where the real happiness comes from, within.

Feria Finale

As for chasing those emotional highs, I’ll give it up for love. A love for myself, one that I can begin to share in a healthy way with those in my presence.■

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