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Homesick After Moving? You Need To Read This

A woman walking on the beach, feeling homesick after a big move.
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The following content may contain spoilers for the 2000 film Cast Away.

Moving often leaves us feeling homesick. As humans, we find comfort in what is familiar. But in order to grow, we sometimes need to venture off into the unknown. This unknown can often come in the form of moving to a new part of the country. Or if you’re daring, a new part of the world.

A New Voyage

As we make the preparations for that new adventure, we become excited. We can’t wait to leave our current home because we’ve been there for so long. We may have even felt stuck there. We’re ready for something new. A new city, and a new life. It all awaits us.

We finally arrive. There’s a short honeymoon phase of infatuation. And then it hits us. We look back, and realize how much we miss our home. Our routine. Our family, friends, school. That coffee shop down the street. That pond where we would sit at night and think. We come to miss the simplest things about our old life.

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

-Sigmund Freud

If you’ve seen the 2000 film Cast Away, recall when Chuck (played by Tom Hanks) finally escaped the island. He spent years struggling to survive. He just wanted to get off that island and return to the home he missed so much. And then, he finally manages to make it off the island.

At first, he’s full of excitement. After escaping however, Chuck looks back at the island. And then it hits him. Even though he felt like a prisoner. Even though he couldn’t wait to leave. That was his home for those years. And he realized a part of him will miss not only that island, but that part of his life. Of course Chuck could only realize this once he escaped the island. If he had stayed, he never would have come to miss it.

Okay, so you moving to a new city isn’t as dramatic as escaping an unchartered island, but you get the message. Wherever you are in life, you’ll come to miss that part of your life once you embark on your next journey. Because its only when that part of your life is in the past, that you could possibly come to miss it. Or at least parts of it.

Give Yourself A Chance

When you do start that new journey, and get past the honeymoon phase, you’ll find yourself feeling homesick. But do yourself a favor, and stick it out longer. Give yourself a chance to break into your new life. You went there for a reason. Get involved with your community. Find your footing, your rhythm. Sign-up for a dance class! After enough time, you’ll find that the place where you were once homesick, has become your new home.

And if you’re crazy enough to move again, the same sense of nostalgia will be felt.

Feria’s Last Call

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to visit your old home. And if you can, you should. You can carry the experiences from your new life back to your old home, and truly reflect, on a much deeper level that wouldn’t be possible had you never set out on your voyage to begin with.■

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