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How To Break A Man’s Heart: 4 Fun Ideas

Olivia Rodrigo in her music video as she sings about her desire to break a man's heart.
YOUTUBE/Geffen Records, Olivia Rodrigo, get him back!

Do you want revenge on a man who did you wrong? Maybe he did your friend wrong. There are ways to break a man’s heart. Olivia Rodrigo made waves with her release of GUTS. And the contradicting yet sexy lyrics of get him back! bring an emotional experience that many of us can relate to.

What does Olivia mean by “get him back”?

“Get him back” as in “tit-for-tat”…

“Get him back” as in “let’s get back together”…

The lyrics pretty much imply both.

Whatever your reasons, some women just find it satisfying to watch a man fall on his face for them.

As a guy, I’m willing to offer some insight to the women who might want to exact sweet revenge on a man in their life… As dramatically portrayed in Olivia Rodrigo’s lyrics.

So, Feria Ladies…this one is for you…

If you really want to break his heart, and have him on his knees begging for you, then you have to lead him on, hard. No mercy in your pursuit of revenge.

Here are four fun ideas you can use to get him back!

1. Wonder Texting

When texting him, take forever to respond. Hours. As you keep him waiting for your response, his imagination will be running wild. He’ll be wondering why you haven’t responded.

What you’re doing… who you’re with…

He’ll start looking through your socials to see how active you are. This is where you really get to f*ck with his head. Be active on your socials! But do it cunningly.

You might be compelled to post a pic of you with another man. And while this could be effective, there’s an even more cerebral strategy. Keep it ambiguous. You don’t want to give him clarity right now. Keep him guessing!

Go to the bar, with anyone. Post a pic of two drinks. Keep the caption simple. “Cheers!” will do or better yet post a heart emoji. He’ll wonder even more who you’re with. Is it your sister? Your bestie? Another man? He knows now that you’re out. But who are you with?! This will drive him crazy (over you)!

You could also do this at the park, the mall, a concert. Just don’t show yourself or anyone in the pic that you post.

This strategy will show him that you’re out living your life, without him. All while he is wondering why you haven’t replied. His imagination will run wild as he is wondering who you’re with. And I promise you, he’s wondering.  

And when you finally do respond, keep it short! A one-word response if you can! It will be a dagger straight through his heart.

2. Surprise Dinner Guests

Find a way to invite him over to your place for dinner. A restaurant will do too. You need to be really careful with your words for this one, so its much easier if done over text. Invite him in a way that makes it seem like it will be just the two of you for dinner.

And when planning this dinner, tell your other friends about it, and invite them as well. Just be careful who you invite, it can’t be too many. Because word cannot get back to your man that others will be there.

He’ll anticipate this as a date, probably even be thinking of getting in bed with you after dinner. But when he finally does arrive, he’ll be shattered when he sees your other friends there and realizes that this is a group thing. And that you have no intention of bringing him to your bedroom tonight.

3. Dotakyan

Plan a date with him. An actual date this time. It could be a dinner date, coffee, movie night, whatever. Spend the week texting him about how much you’re looking forward to spending time with him. Give subtle hints that you might hook up at the end of date night.

Get him excited. He’ll spend the week romanticizing about the two of you. Text him the morning of.

“See you tonight!”

A woman holding a needle to a heart balloon as a symbol to break his heart.
Dotakyan is a Japanese term for last minute cancelations; its a real heartbreaker!

Then at the very last minute, text him canceling your date. Don’t give a clear reason. Just say that something came up. And don’t text him for the rest of the night. Then enjoy yourself. Satisfying night for you, shitty one for him.

4. Flirt Switch: Off

Get flirty with him over text one night. Real flirty. Without coming off as desperate, steer the conversation towards sex. Play along for a bit, just take your time responding. Remember, you want to build his anticipation slowly.

Then, when you see him again in person, act like the conversation never happened. If he tries to bring it up, don’t even acknowledge it. Bring up something else completely unrelated, or just leave. This will really f*ck with his emotions and leave him wishing he could have you.

Feria’s Last Call

Okay, you got him good. You got him really good. Now its time to stitch his heart back up (if you think he deserves it). Love can be up, down, & fun all at the same time. I really hope you find a man who loves you just as you are. You deserve a relationship with a genuine partner who will cherish your beautiful heart. But if you find yourself in a situation similar to Miss Rodrigo’s, then I hope you “get him back” in your own way. Break his heart. Just don’t key his car. That’s not only illegal, it’s wrong.■

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