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Is Vulnerability A Weakness?

A woman sitting on a rooftop. Vulnerability is thought of as a weakness, but is actually a strength.
Pexels/ Oziel Gómez

I used to think that being vulnerable was a sign of weakness. But later in life, I’m actually finding great strength in vulnerability.

It Takes Courage

The word “vulnerable” comes from the Latin word “vulnus”, meaning “wound”.

We think that being heavily guarded indicates strength. But it actually is a sign of fear, fear of being hurt.

To open yourself up to someone, to express your emotion, opens you up to possibly being emotionally wounded. And it takes courage to do that, to willingly put yourself out there knowing there’s a good chance you’ll get hurt.

It Gives Clarity

Choosing to be vulnerable however, can open up many doors for you.

It can give you answers, even if those answers hurt. And even if sometimes, you have to arrive at your own answers.

It can also form stronger bonds. It can strengthen your relationships, and your spirit.

By being vulnerable, you are giving others permission to be vulnerable. It doesn’t always mean that they will reciprocate that vulnerability though. Which is why it takes such a strong person to be vulnerable.

It’s A Desire

Here’s the thing. People secretly want to be vulnerable. But we know its risky, so we rarely are.

It’s exhausting carrying all of our hidden emotions, thoughts. We have a natural desire to share them.

And you better believe that desire is strong in each of us.

Try It

I have great admiration for anyone who is vulnerable with me, in any facet of life.

But yes, we should be careful with whom we are vulnerable with. It’s okay to gradually show layers of vulnerability, and decide if you want to proceed.

And you know what? I encourage you to.

I’m not talking about being needy and desperate. That’s insecurity, not vulnerability. And there’s a difference.

But I encourage you to be vulnerable. It takes confidence, courage, strength.

Feria’s Final Take

While you might feel safe in your safe zone. While you might feel safe keeping your guard up most of the time.

The years, and the seasons of life will pass you by.

And one day, you may wake up to be 60 or 70 years old.

And you will realize that, that safe zone you stayed in, wasn’t so safe after all.■

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