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Jeremy Lister, And The Little Things

Jeremy Lister's album "Happy Holidays Everyone"
Jeremy Lister, Happy Holidays Everyone

Jeremy Lister, an artist I’ve just discovered this holiday season, as his song The Little Things made its way onto my Spotify Christmas playlist. The song was actually released on his 2021 LP Happy Holidays Everyone, so I’m surprised that I’m just now discovering it.

Sorry I’m Late, Jeremy Lister

The holidays always involve cooking up some seasonal treats. It’s the little things, you know like hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, and maybe some GINGERBREAD COOKIES?!?!

Last weekend, I had a little cookie baking get-together with the teens at a non-profit I work with. Admittedly, I was running a little late. Just 30 minutes late, no big deal!

And I was listening to Jeremy Lister on the way there. Hard to be in a hurry when he’s singing.

As I walked into the family kitchen, everyone was assembled around the island countertop, mixing their dough. I kept quiet as I walked in, as not to disturb the delicate art of dough-mixing.

Now here’s the little thing…

One teen in particular noticed me walk in. It had been a couple months since she last saw me. So, as she noticed me walk in, and saw that it was me, for a few seconds…her face lit up the entire kitchen with an invisibly heart-warming light. She was so excited to see me again!

And you better believe the feeling went both ways. We had an epic card game over the Summer. We may have been enemies then, but that card game bonded us.

Yeah, I’ll always remember how she gasped her breath with a jaw-dropping smile, and raised her eyebrows in such a quiet excitement, the moment she saw me walk in. I smiled and waved to her from across the kitchen, and told her I still want a rematch from our card game last Summer (she barley won).

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things…not the great occasions…give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

-Bob Hope

Later that afternoon, she gave me a candy cane. She had a box of them and was handing them out to everyone, so I’m not special. But that candy cane is special to me. I didn’t want to eat it. No, I wanted to hold onto it as a memento. And at the sparkling suggestion of a friend, I hung it up on my wall as an evergreen ornament.

Some Little Things Suck, Jeremy Lister!

I got my first parking ticket in LA! Damn it! That’s what I get for making fun of those suckers who got their cars towed at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. That’s $58 I could have spent at Jack in the Box!

WTF Jeremy Lister!

But you know what, to see the smile on that young girl’s face…to spend a few hours baking gingerbread cookies with her and the teens…while Jeremy Lister’s song was playing in the background…it was worth every f*cking dollar I’ll have to pay to the City of LA.

Jeremy Lister, Welcome To The Party

Jeremy Lister’s voice…damn, that guy has one elegant tenor voice fit for the holidays. Like I said, I just came across his song The Little Things when looking through a Christmas Jazz playlist on Spotify. I LOVE THIS SONG! It puts so much…classic holiday emphasis…on the little things in life.

I feel like I’m in one of those Christmas films…It’s A Wonderful Life.

I don’t know much about this Jeremy Lister, but he now joins Michael Bublé, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and several others on my Christmas playlist.

Feria Finale

Pay more attention to those little things in life. They’re either seemingly mundane, or spontaneous; which makes them easy to miss or overlook. So, you need to really pay attention and notice them when they happen. Take a mental snapshot of that memory, frame it with your imagination, and carry the emotion into the many domains of your life.

Because in the grand words of Mr. Jeremy Lister, “life is getting faster, this time of year, it’s always clear what matters.”■

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