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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Conrad and Belly in the Amazon Prime drama, The Summer I Turned Pretty. In the show, Belly tries to make her ex boyfriend jealous by hooking up with his brother.
AMAZON PRIME VIDEO/IMDb, The Summer I Turned Pretty

The following content may contain spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The first thing you should ask yourself is, why.

Why do you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous?

Do you genuinely want him back?

Or, do you want him to come begging you for a second chance just so you can have the sweet satisfaction of telling him no?

You Are Enough

Let’s make one thing clear. Whatever your situation, you don’t need that ex boyfriend in your life. You’re a woman. A Feria Lady. You’re more than enough on your own, you always were. If a man is worthy enough, he’ll find his way to your ever elusive heart.

But if you insist on playing the game of envy & heart breaks, then Feria will offer its perspective.

The Need To Know

Firstly, you should understand that the mere fact that you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous is a strong indicator that you miss him. That you still want him. That you still have that sexual craving for him. Why else would you want to make him jealous?!

Also know that if he’s sincerely moved on from you completely, trying to make him jealous may be a waste of time. But if you’re sure that he still wants you, then read on.

Classic Love Triangulation

Despite their perceived bravado, men are quite the emotional beings. It’s much easier than you think to pull the strings of a man’s heart. If this is your ex boyfriend we’re talking about, then at one point in time, he was in a relationship with you. He had emotions for you. And those emotions are still lingering. As a woman he was once with, you naturally have the charm to turn him on.

That being said, there are two obvious ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

Get Flirty With His Guy Friends

Flirting with one of his guy friends might’ve been something you thought of. There’s a reason this is such a cliché, it works! You don’t even have to hook up with his guy friend. Just be flirty with him. Make out a little. Make it seen around your ex or on social media. Have fun with it. I promise, your ex will not only notice it, he’ll feel it. You might end up leading his guy friend on in the process, but this is the game you chose to play. So be prepared for a love triangle.

If you’re really daring, you could get flirty with your ex’s brother. I mean have you seen the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty?!

Get Romantic With A New Guy

You could also get romantic with another man outside of your social circle. You could meet this new man anywhere. Take up a dance class. Meet locals. Have a girls’ night out and see who you meet at the club. Find him on a dating app. Because he’s new, the experience will feel refreshing. You might even fall for him and move on from your ex completely.

But if you’re still set on making your ex boyfriend jealous, then getting romantic with a new man may be a more effective strategy for this reason:

If you get flirty with your ex’s guy friend, your ex will suspect that you’re trying to make him jealous.

If you get romantic with a new man, your ex will wonder if you’ve moved on (and if he’s lost you for good!). Remember, if you can keep a man wondering, he’ll be dying for a second chance with you.

Your Move

Okay, so you’ve made it this far. You’ve made your ex boyfriend jealous and he’s now sliding back into your DMs. He’s moving closer to you as you’re all out with your friends. He’s calling you to meet in the middle of the night.

Are you ready to give him a second chance?

Does he deserve one?

Are you over him enough to deny him a second chance, and truly be satisfied?

Are you sure he’s not just trying to hook up with you one more time just to prove that he can have you whenever he wants?

These are questions only you can answer.

Feria’s Last Call

Know that you’re playing a dangerous game here. Hearts could get broken, yours included. Friendships may get wrecked. Your social circle could get messy. Just be truthful with yourself. An ex boyfriend probably isn’t worth the trouble. Feria is happy to give perspective to those natural desires in romance that we all feel, even the dark desires. This is another life experience. You’ll learn from it. And you’ll learn about what you want for yourself. Have fun. Be aware. Just don’t waste too much time on an ex, because your time is valuable, and so are you.■

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