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Sexting, Satisfy Your Sexual Imagination

A woman laying in bed while texting on her phone. A depiction of sexting.
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Sexting can be a fun part of any relationship. And its certainly not uncommon for sexting to begin between two partners who meet online.

One thing is certain about online flings, the thrill of sexting is enticing. Even though we may have just met connected with this person, we feel more secure with sharing our deepest sexual desires because we’re doing so from behind the comfort of our phones.

Sexting Is Fun

It’s not like we’re ready to just share these sexual desires with our greater social sphere. So, its only natural to look online for a partner to share your fantasies with.

It’s often much easier to type out our sexual desires than it is to speak them (plus, it really is just more exciting). Sexting allows us to maintain a sense of privacy. It gives us liberty to be more authentic in our sexual intentions with a partner. We feel free from any shame or judgment. And we get to take our time in typing out our thoughts in this written art form.

But, since this is a person whom we’ve only connected with online, the sexting may eventually become exhausted. After becoming comfortable enough with our partner, we may desire to take the next steps. We’ll urge to hear the voice of our sext partner, whom we’ve shared some of our darkest sexual thoughts with.

A Poetic Sexperience

Once years ago, I connected with a poet on Instagram. I slid into her DMs to tell her how fascinated I was with her work. Our conversation gradually shifted from poetry talk to poetic sexting. She and I had become digitally infatuated with one another, despite living in different time zones. We wrote poems to each other, romantic sext poems. We even discussed meeting. Yet, I had never even heard her voice.

I wondered, what would it be like if we spoke on the phone at this point? We’d been sexting all this time. Do we just continue that conversation over a voice call? Would we really be able to do that?

After some thoughtful consideration, we both finally agreed to a voice call. When that call came, as you might’ve guessed, it was a little awkward, in a playful tone though. And we didn’t bring up the sexually arousing messages we had been sharing together for weeks. I certainly didn’t want to put her on the spot by mentioning it over voice, and perhaps she felt the same. (I was hoping she would mention it though, and perhaps she felt the same?)

The Art of Sexting

Sexting is when two artists share untold pieces of their imagination, in a creative writing format that allows them to compliment the deeply hidden passions of each other’s hearts. It is an artform that allows us to express some of our inner most sexual desires.

My little online poet fling had eventually come to an impasse. We really did like each other, but knew it was impossible to continue with us living in totally different parts of the country. But we were both so thankful for the fun little experience we shared together! It helped us discover alluring parts of our sexual imaginations!

Feria’s Last Call

The next time you find yourself sexting, know that its an opportunity for both of you to be creative writers in your own intimate right. Have fun with it! You’ll become more in touch with your sexuality and your imagination. But when you and your sext partner are daring enough to finally voice call, or better yet, meet in person (I hope you do!), just be ready for that awkward moment. And perhaps take the initiative to bring up the sexting, because you both obviously enjoy it together.■

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