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The Small Steps Are A Part of Living

A man walking through the train station, showing the small steps in life.
Pexels/ Thomas Balabaud

The small steps in life can seem frustrating.

I understand how short life it. I’ve lost people, family, friends I graduated with.

Yeah, our time on this Earth is limited.

It’s actually part of the reason I have so much energy. I express myself a bit too much at times, because as Andrew Garfield emphasized in Tick Tick Boom, I feel like I’m “running out of time”.

And I just let that energy take off sometimes. I let that emotion run wild. I want to fill the air with my heart, with my imagination.

Take life a hundred steps at a time.

But that’s not always how life works.

Live In The Small Steps

I’m starting to better understand, and even appreciate, that the slow, small steps are a part of living.

It obviously wouldn’t make sense to propose on the first date.

“Life is short so let’s skip the steps of a healthy relationship and just get married now!”

That’s not how it works (unless you’re in Vegas, apparently).

I need to take the time to understand that these small steps are everywhere in life.

And I need to pay attention to them.

It’s Okay To Slow Down

You don’t always need to take ten (or a hundred) steps at a time. In most areas of life, we really do need to take it one step at a time, slowly, with patience. Even when it’s not easy. And often, it’s not.

But you know what? Those small steps, those quiet periods, are not only a part of life, but they’re a part of living.

Could something happen during those small steps?

Yeah, you could get a heart attack. You might get in a car accident. You might get stabbed.

I know, it sucks.

I didn’t write the rules of this life.

But that’s how it is, these small steps are an integral part of our living, and we can’t always skip them.

One Day You’ll Reminisce The Small Steps

I spent over two years of my life studying for the CPA Exam. 26 months of no social life, no relationships, no friends, because I became obsessed with studying for that exam.

Anything could have happened during those years of small steps of studying. Because in this life, we can go at any moment. But those small steps were still something I had to do.

I couldn’t go to the State Board of Accountancy and tell them “Hey life is short, just give me my credential now so I don’t waste years of my life studying”.

Those small steps are necessary for the CPA Exam, for school, career, relationships, art, growth, just about anything that makes you a better person.

I look back on those two years of studies, and although I couldn’t wait to finish and pass the exam, I actually miss those years sometimes. I find myself missing that part of my life.

Feria’s Last Call

So, these days, whenever I have to take those small, slow steps in something, whatever it is, business, relationships, growth…

I’m trying to find grace in those small steps.

And when you actually slow down, you’ll realize that you’re living. And that can be amazing.■

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