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Do You Feel Stuck In A Situationship? Read This To See Why

A woman frustrated about her situationship with her partner.
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The reason you feel stuck is simple. You haven’t made a decision about what you want. There’s not always a clear definition to what you and your partner might be. Sometimes you don’t even want to put a label on it. Of all the labels to choose from, relationship, boyfriend, girlfriend, FWB, f*ck buddies, and so on… you just can’t find one that suits your situation. Which is why you’re now in the ever so messy situationship.

Situationship Decisions

“I don’t know what we are!” a friend once said, as I asked about a woman he was seeing.

You like being with this person. You enjoy sleeping with them. Yet you seem to be always fighting.

Well, what’s the reason behind this? Are one or both of you afraid of commitment? Is this a secret affair? Is it solely for sex? Maybe you’re just so on and off again that you couldn’t figure out what label to use even if you tried.

Well, here’s the harsh truth about the situationship. You feel stuck in a situationship because one or both of you are hesitant to make a decision. You could walk away and end things for good, but you haven’t. You could fully commit to a relationship, yet you haven’t.

If neither of you makes a decision, then the situationship will carry on.

Don’t Stress The Label

You may not realize this, but to some degree, you probably enjoy the grey area of not having a definition attached to your relationship situationship. You’re probably addicted to the roller coaster of fun, fights, & f*cking. And you know what, sometimes its nice to just not have a label. It might give you a sense of being that free spirit in dating.

The thing is, whatever your situation, a label is not necessary! While its true that you’re both hesitant to make a final decision about what you want, you don’t have any obligation to make that decision if you don’t want to.

If you both enjoy the situationship, then just don’t make a decision.

And that in itself, is a decision—to not make a decision, and let the situationship continue.

So, you don’t have to stress yourself (or your partner) out so much if you’re not exactly defined yet. If you spend more time together being happy than you do arguing, if you bring some joy to each other’s lives, then its best to just enjoy the time you spend together.

If you’re right for each other, then a label will come. If not, then you’ll learn from each other, and more about yourself. Those experiences will show you what you are looking for in a partner, and this knowledge will better prepare you for the next relationship. Maybe you don’t know where the two of you will end up, but you’ll find out together. And that’s the fun part.

Feria’s Last Call

Try to appreciate the fun times you share together, even if you don’t have that fancy label. We get one go around in this life. Don’t waste too much time overthinking it. Appreciate that this person is in your life, and that you get to share pieces of your amazing yet fleeting lives with each other. Because romantic beauty can be found even in your situationship.■

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