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10 Years Of Yours Truly, Why Ariana Grande Is The Flavor Of Fall

Ariana Grande singing for the album, Yours Truly Ariana Grande.
YOUTUBE/Ariana Grande, Honeymoon Avenue

Ariana Grande: Yours Truly 10th Anniversary Edition makes this Fall so much sweeter.

Ari is an artist who can be enjoyed any time of the year, for any season, on any occasion. Let’s make that clear here at Feria! But I personally reserve a woman with so much dimension for a special time of year.

An Autumn Aesthetic

The Fall! It’s the most exciting time of year for me. It’s like the pre-game before the holidays. The weather is getting cooler. Pumpkin spice is back on the menu. Shopping seems sexier with the Fall fashion collections coming out. And to me, Ariana Grande’s music just suits all of these Fall aesthetics.

Every September, I have my Ariana albums ready to play all the way through the holidays. (Don’t worry, I only play Christmas & Chill after Oct 31 11:59pm.) And let me tell you, after not listening to her all throughout the year, it just makes finally listening to her come Fall, again, so much sweeter.

A Decade of Delicacy

When I heard the announcement for Yours Truly 10th Anniversary, I knew this Fall was going to be special. Ari is as always, stunning in the album cover. I appreciated that this album cover captures Ari looking back, smiling. I just interpret this shot as Ari looking back on the past ten years since the original release of Yours Truly in 2013. The shot being slightly blurred gives a nice touch that this shot is candid, and while she’s smiling back at the past ten years, Ari is still very much in action, thriving in forward motion.

REPUBLIC RECORDS/Ariana Grande, Yours Truly (Tenth Anniversary Edition)

The reappearances from Big Sean, Mac Miller, Nathan Sykes, & MIKA bring the spices to the latte that is Yours Truly 10th Anniversary. And to reimagine the songs from the Live from London features brings an elegant new experience to each one. Seriously, listen to the Live from London features! On repeat!


And take it from Feria Magazine, these Live from London features are meant to be enjoyed along with the studio music videos. It brings each song to a new class of sophisticated sound and visual aesthetic. The free-flowing camera work, strings, percussions, dimmed lights, Ari’s high-spirited movements, her stylish dress; all of these elements enrich the sexy flavors of Yours Truly. So, if you haven’t watched them on Ariana’s official YouTube, then you really need to stop start Daydreamin’ and check them out.

Feria’s Last Call

After listening to the 10th anniversary album, after watching the Live from London music videos that accompany the album, I know now that not only will this Fall be special, but every Fall for as long as I’m alive will be fabulous. And like Ari, we can each reflect on how far we have come in our own lives these past ten years. So, I do hope you enjoy the album and celebrate your own anniversary for making it so far in your journey, in these past ten years of Yours Truly.■

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