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The Idea of Waiting for Someone

Amazon Prime/ The Idea of You

The following content may contain spoilers for the Amazon film The Idea of You.

Ann Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine took my breath away in Amazon’s new original, The Idea of You. I could not get enough of the art, the romance, and the heavy emotions that come with love.

What I do want to touch up on are the final scenes of the film. Solene and Hayes Campbell agreed to go their separate ways, and revisit their relationship in five years.

They eventually do reconnect back in LA in five years’ time, and yeah, live happily ever after. Damn we love clichés! Seriously!

Now, it is just a film. So, it’s easy to just flash the words “Five Years Later” on the screen.

My first thought when those words flashed on the screen was, “wow, that’s five years of heartache, wonder, and happiness that we didn’t see.”

I do wonder what may have happened during those five years.

Did Solene and Hayes date other people?

Anything serious?

Was there any marriage? Divorce?

Did they both just remain single during those five years?

What else happened??

Five years is a long time. A long wait.

Personal Story

When I was attending SCAD in Fall 2016, I met a woman. We had a strong connection. It was artistic, flirty, and fun.

But she left after the Fall semester. I missed her, and figured I’d never see her again.

We kept in touch a little. A few phone calls here and there. But eventually fell out of touch.

I never thought I’d see her again. But I thought about her from time to time.

Then in March 2024, I found myself looking through our Snap Chat memories. And I noticed her location was set to Los Angeles.

I had been in LA for about a year by this point. I decided to shoot her a message. We caught up a bit, and decided to meet for dinner.

It was friendly, and wow was it enchanting. It had been over seven years since I last saw her.

I still remember holding hands with her and her kissing me on the cheek as we said goodbye as she left Savannah, Georgia. Yeah, corny I know.

But as we caught up, we shared stories of heartache, romance, art, and life.

Seven years’ worth!

We weren’t even waiting on each other.

I just happen to see her Snap Chat location in LA, and she didn’t even know her location was on! She thanked me for telling her, and turned it off. But was happy it was on for me to see it.




The stars aligned?

I don’t know. It was just nice to share a fancy dinner with her after seven years.

Was that seven years worth the wait?

Well, we weren’t waiting. We were living during those seven years.

Feria Finale

Is it worth the wait for something? For someone?

Here’s my Feria Finale. Don’t wait.

Solene and Hayes agreed that if they found a chance at happiness with someone else during those five years, they would take it.

So, I don’t imagine they sat around waiting during those five years.

I imagine they both went on journeys of self-discovery. They tried dating other people.

They felt the highs of romance, the lows of heartache, and the spice of life.

They weren’t waiting, they were living.■

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